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Managed Medical Billing Services

Experience Trustworthy Medical Billing Like Never Before

Medical billing and coding is not a problem that can be solved by everyone. We are aware of the particularities of your practice, specialty, and billing needs. By matching you with a reputable independent billing company with experience in the healthcare sector, our skilled team ensures a customized approach and optimizes reimbursements.

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Specialty Focus

Our detail-oriented billing specialists provide financial optimization while specializing in a range of medical specializations.

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Integrated Technology

Revolutionizing how business is conducted by seamlessly integrating revolutionary technologies for streamlined and effective procedures.

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Billing Efficiency

Improving operational productivity through efficient and effective billing procedures to achieve the greatest possible gains in efficiency.

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What is Billing & Coding?

The healthcare sector depends heavily on billing and coding to ensure correct record-keeping and payment for medical services. While coding assigns standardized codes to diagnoses and treatments, billing entails creating invoices and processing payments. With the use of this system, healthcare professionals can interact with insurance providers and governmental organizations to secure fair payment. For stable finances and high-quality patient care, precise billing and coding are crucial.


Take advantage of the innovative medical billing and coding solution from Digital Auxilius to set out on a journey of efficiency and quality. In terms of healthcare revenue optimization, we are your dependable partner. Our trained crew is aware that accuracy and knowledge are crucial. We have a thorough understanding of the many medical specializations, and we can customize our services to your particular practice to ensure proper coding and simple invoicing. In addition to maximizing reimbursements, this also equips your firm for long-term expansion. Where innovation meets outcomes, experience the future of healthcare billing and coding.

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Unlock Profit Potential

Revolutionize revenue with Digital Auxilius. Tailored medical billing and coding services for precision, profitability, and practice growth.


Get Ahead in Collections with Our Full Suite of Features

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Utilize the Extensive calendaring and Scheduling Features of Digital Auxilius to Effortlessly Manage Your Collections. The Resources You Need for Effective Revenue Management Are Available Through Our Medical Billing and Coding Service.

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Charge Capture

Utilize the Charge Capture Expertise of Digital Auxilius to Improve Collections. We Make Sure You Stay Ahead in Efficiently Capturing and Managing Charges for Maximum Revenue with Our Medical Billing and Coding Service

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Rules Engine

Utilize Digital Auxilius’s Cutting-Edge Rules Engine to Improve Collection Success. Our medical billing and coding service makes use of cutting-edge algorithms to make sure you maintain accuracy and efficiency.

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Claim Tracking

Use Digital Auxilius’s Claim Tracking Expertise to Take Control of Collections. Your ability to effectively monitor and maximize claims for the best possible revenue collection is given to you by our medical billing and coding service.

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Billing Tasks

Utilize Digital Auxilius’s Comprehensive Collection Solutions to Simplify Billing Tasks. All Elements of Billing are Streamlined for Enhanced Efficiency and Revenue Optimization by Our Medical Billing and Coding Service.

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Billing Analytics

Improve Your Collection Strategy with the Billing Analytics from Digital Auxilius. Our medical billing and coding service uses data insights to optimize revenue collection and drive informed decision-making.

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Your Victory, Our Commitment

With our devoted staff, we reach the highest level of medical billing competence. We at Digital Auxilius are committed to helping you succeed. Our skilled specialists use their understanding of the sector to optimize your cash stream, guaranteeing precision, effectiveness, and maximum reimbursements. Together, we manage the complexity of medical billing to ensure your financial success in the healthcare industry, since your success is our objective.


Our Network Is Your Network

Utilize the synergistic potential of our all-inclusive medical billing services. Our network is your network, as we proudly proclaim at Digital Auxilius. By selecting us as your partner, you gain access to a wide and interconnected ecosystem of knowledge, contacts, and assets. We navigate the complicated healthcare landscape together, maximizing your earnings and setting you up for long-term success.

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Are you prepared to accelerate your collections?

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Here to assist you

We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Count on our dedicated team for expert guidance and support.

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Free Success Coach

Unlock your potential with a free success coach. Achieve your goals today

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Help to move your files

We’re available to help you relocate your files safely and smoothly

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Support your way

Customized to your particular requirements and objectives, supporting you on your terms.

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What our Clients say

When it comes to our billing and coding needs, I trust no one other than Digital Auxilius Medical and Billing. They are incredibly easy to work with and have some of the most knowledgeable billing and coding experts.

Aura Brooks

What I love about working with Digital Auixlius Medical Billing and Coding is how transparent they are. Whenever a problem arises, they always have a plan and A, B, and C ready to enact.

Jack Graham

Digital Auxilius Medical Billing and Coding is the one billing and coding company that I do not have to constantly reach out to for updates. They make sure to keep me updated consistently which helps me cut back on so much time and energy that I otherwise would have wasted trying to follow up with them.

Zak Reid

I used to absolutely dread filing for claims before I partnered up with Digital Auxilius Medical Billing and Coding. Now all I have to do is let the team know and they take it from there.

Eve Crawford



How many different kinds of medical coding can you handle?

Do you have any experience with medical coding risk areas?

Why should unresolved medical claims be followed up on?

How can you aid me in improving my collections?

How can you assist me in increasing my sales?

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